Poem – “To Set Heaven Aflame” – Romance – 5/25/2020

On board the pilgrimage
To the sleeping fields
Where your eyes awoke to the summer's eve,
After tears were but the meadow's dew,
Your sighs, the night's departure,
Your cries, the Heaven we both cross.

Upon a night's crawl through the forests,
Atop the simmering outline of your form,
Through the shouldering cascades
Of a million-and-one branding stars
Against your hollow heart,
We stay.

We mourn, we cross, we sigh
All emotions into a flurry,
Into a panic,
Into a crawl,
Into a halt.
We are, upon the boat of love-making, the funeral ended.

We fall asleep against the drift
Of each person's lasting skip
To their hearts, when apart from the dearly remembered.

My love loses her sight,
Loses her voice,
When not remembered within the twilight.

Let those owls rush their wings against our stare,
Against our sun.
They will comprehend our day is worth more than the night,
When realizing remembrance
Is more often than what is lost in the dark.