Poem – “How Beautiful, to be in Awe” – Romance – 5/27/2020

Godlike, in every essence,
For your masterpiece is one.
A vision of simple making
With details unending.

I caught a droplet of your sweat
From one highlighted shoulder
Deep in the gleam of fading sunlight,
In awe of the moon,
Soon to come,
Soon to show
How lakes can form from exercise, upon your toes.

As I, the admirer
To the breasts that clash against the other
Like the swinging, tolling bell
In a wedding of sorts,

To the entertainment of a pair
Of flapping lids,
Wearing each memory to what you've hid
Behind a heart,

To the arms that flail,
Neither disordered nor entangled
By the way you glide,
Creating miles of grace.

Wear a necklace
To your bosom,
While a brooch ties itself
Against a stray piece of cloth
About the curvature
That casts long fields and orchards
Over the soil, fragrant Earth
That you are,
By every star
To highlight your form beneath the fullest evening.