Quote – “Why Today’s Pride should be Resented” – 5/27/2020

“There is no interpretation of pride, left to be subjective on what the cause was for being proud. As in, even to be subjective on a subject means to dissect meaning. What does one question of the right thing to do? No one does. Who questions the son who saves his mother from the burning house? Who questions the father who saves his daughter from being raped? Who questions the soldier in saving their own comrade? Idiocy questions this, because idiocy believes these deeds were choices. To be subjective, means to dissect. To dissect, means to question. To question, means to be confused, and thus, such confused people will look upon familiarity as though it is alien. What, as it should be asked, is so unfamiliar about doing right for someone else?

Therefore, to be proud of doing right, means to have done right for what it made of someone else, not what it makes you.”

– Anonymous