Quote – “Why Today’s Pride should be Resented” – Pt. 2 – 5/27/2020

“To do right for someone else, is never a choice. Who contemplates on what do for someone else? Is love not the most honest of emotions? Is love not the most direct of emotions? Is love not the emotion offering the urge to rush to embrace the vulnerable loved one? If so, then how is it a choice? We hesitate, within fear. We consider, when we are wise. We consider what is best for them, though if we know them well, we needn’t even do that. Care involves attention. Attention involves patience. Patience involves love. If to be proud for what one can do for others is a must, then make it only proud within the action, not after it. Make pride the symbol of within the deed, not after the deed has already been done. One should not gloat about a selfless deed, nor should one ever speak highly about themselves for being selfless. That would be lower than the dirt the vulnerable one crawled on.”

– Anonymous