Philosophy – “Why Money does not Bring Happiness” – 4/4/2021

“Those who deceive themselves into believing that wealth can bring about happiness, are always those who do not have it.”

– Modern Romanticism

In comprehension of the two types of wealth, being that of the monetary sort and that of the heart, can allow us to recognize what indeed fills the void of absence. Among all things present, being either in relation to what is meant to be consumed to then disappear, or in what is remembered because of our continued awareness to it, is to the differences between life and love. Within life, being temporary, though meant to be protected from the dominators, will indeed be viewed either through a lens of protection or control.

Those who wish to dominate or destroy the viewed life, do not protect. These are the sorts who find it in themselves to believe the life, viewed by them as lesser, must be dominated over in its consumption by the supposed greater force. Among what is always temporary makes to its potential to disappear, as always a sight of vulnerability. Presence is the filled void, made of what is protected close to our hearts. To treat what is meant to be dominated over, never to allow such to control the self, such as monetary wealth, is in the understanding that permanence resides only in what is protected. No person protects their monetary wealth, anymore than a slave-owner would protect their captives as though they loved them.

To protect the loved one, is then not to dominate them. Happiness is to the protector in what fulfills them by being the shield to what is protected. If dominance is ever the supposed loved one’s character over who they claim to cherish, then they believe more in their desire to control.

Among power or wealth, being that of the monetary sort, will not ever fulfill if it controls the one who possesses it. This is to say that any person who wishes to control those they claim to love, must be discarded of. They are then the ones dominated over, because that which uses, becomes used. The person who devours, becomes devoured, themselves.

For the sake of happiness, fulfillment belongs in what will not die due to the protection granted. In what cannot burn, being not of the metaphysical relationship, makes such presence in our lives last an eternity. If love is ever believed to be a madness, it is then through the idea of what haunts. We remember for what we cannot forget, because in love’s purpose to make all things possible, we are still yearning for the return of what had not been a consumable possession so easily discarded. Of its genuine nature, we belonged to it, and then likewise for the same of the other.

It it appropriate to compare the monetary world to the human form. Able to burn, for the cremation of it. Possessions can be burned, and then forgotten. It is in the understanding of what is immoral about necrophilia, that to remember a deceased person by their usable flesh, is not in the representation of love. By what can disappear, especially among what is able to become decay, is always lost, unlike love. In remembrance, we comprehend that is not love that died, though the trust for the utility of flesh. As it is, to remember a deceased person for their utility is not to love. We remember a face, as the sheer formation of all to be recognized. As an arm can appear as any other arm, or as a leg can be similar to another’s leg, we recognize the face through eye contact. For what cannot die, being love, makes a human in fullest knowledge that we cannot control it. We cannot control who we love, because the human form is the symbol for what can easily disappear and decay.

Placing dominance upon the form is the sign of control. Were that same form to control us, then it is lust. Love would not control, nor can be utilized by what it represents. Its representation can only be established through meaning. By what never did die, nor did truly disappear, makes everything defined of happiness the glimpses of what reminded us of ourselves as we recall it.

Quote – “Unhappiness and Happiness” – 12/20/2020

“It is the person who is unhappy who keeps a focus on all things lost. It is the person who is happy who keeps a focus on all things that still remain.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Why Today’s Pride should be Resented” – Pt. 3 – 5/27/2020

“To be proud for the self, to be proud for who one is, is nothing more than the result of what an action did that benefited only the self. How does one go about examples for this? Greed is the best example. For in doing right for another person, in being selfless, should not make that selfless person proud for what the action does for them. They should, instead, be proud of what the action did for the one they aided. Though, to be proud for who one is, involves no action that is selfless. ‘No action’ relates always to the selfish one. It is purely the selfish pride, where the one of a Narcissistic mindset will admire their reflection, because they did not humble themselves in seeing anyone else’s eyes.

See the eyes of another, witness their pain, form that connection, and learn through that nobility that the only thing worth giving is your heart. Anyone would discover that they cannot lose all the love they ever give away, for such a wealth is limitless.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “Why Today’s Pride should be Resented” – Pt. 2 – 5/27/2020

“To do right for someone else, is never a choice. Who contemplates on what do for someone else? Is love not the most honest of emotions? Is love not the most direct of emotions? Is love not the emotion offering the urge to rush to embrace the vulnerable loved one? If so, then how is it a choice? We hesitate, within fear. We consider, when we are wise. We consider what is best for them, though if we know them well, we needn’t even do that. Care involves attention. Attention involves patience. Patience involves love. If to be proud for what one can do for others is a must, then make it only proud within the action, not after it. Make pride the symbol of within the deed, not after the deed has already been done. One should not gloat about a selfless deed, nor should one ever speak highly about themselves for being selfless. That would be lower than the dirt the vulnerable one crawled on.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “Why Today’s Pride should be Resented” – 5/27/2020

“There is no interpretation of pride, left to be subjective on what the cause was for being proud. As in, even to be subjective on a subject means to dissect meaning. What does one question of the right thing to do? No one does. Who questions the son who saves his mother from the burning house? Who questions the father who saves his daughter from being raped? Who questions the soldier in saving their own comrade? Idiocy questions this, because idiocy believes these deeds were choices. To be subjective, means to dissect. To dissect, means to question. To question, means to be confused, and thus, such confused people will look upon familiarity as though it is alien. What, as it should be asked, is so unfamiliar about doing right for someone else?

Therefore, to be proud of doing right, means to have done right for what it made of someone else, not what it makes you.”

– Anonymous

Poem – “The Love Thrown Together” – Romance – 12/21/2019

Amorous, you are, upon my lips,
In our love thrown together,
Like two stones against their white surfaces,

Like two faces that clash in untold heat,
Like two moons that beat upon the other, their doors made of stone,
Like two chins that rub the other, each surface made of bone.

We are for the other,
As the love thrown together.

Kisses are continually shared,
While treasures are always worn
As these kisses,
As these wishes.

Beauty becomes a life-long majesty
As your arms, as your face, as your lips with their pearly appearance,
A little thing called “death” is nothing,
As all the angels weep in envy for your attraction,

Because, what could end, besides the age that grows over,
To wilt our love thrown together?

Wilderness with brambles and seeds,
My face is a cloud,
My love is an entertainment,

For you to bleed your future into, for immeasurable joy.
We will dance, and kiss,
We will kiss, and laugh.

Poem – “To Walk upon Death” – Romance

Face our turmoil,
And rend the world apart!
See where we have felt the stinging pain,
The toil to what has been called love.

Never love and only the survival bought from danger,
I am a man of guilt who is asked to be strong.

I am a man of pain who is asked to be painless.
I am a man of shame who is asked to show himself.

The love from a woman has made a mark,
I show weakness, and it’s seen to be dark.

We both, as lovers, walk upon death
In each’s arms, in failure and desertion.

What am I but the man called misery?
I am not uncertain about the want,
Though, uncertain about the gain,
To what I want, to what will spell paradise.

Oh, my love, walk upon death,
There is no Heaven in this Hell.
There is barely a life to say is a treasure,
I’ve become numb against my sorrow.

And from death, and in life,
All has become black and white.
Strange minutes resort to unbidden strife.
As I seek to make you my wife.

Life, in all its stalking upon death’s ground,
Do we stand upon someone’s grave,
On the street, where we wave
To taxis and workers in their frenzy?

Face me, dear one, and see my pain,
See how it soaks me down,
See how the future faces the West,
And the past falls to the East,
Backwards in confusion harmonic,
In what I am destined to be.