Quote – “Why Today’s Pride should be Resented” – Pt. 3 – 5/27/2020

“To be proud for the self, to be proud for who one is, is nothing more than the result of what an action did that benefited only the self. How does one go about examples for this? Greed is the best example. For in doing right for another person, in being selfless, should not make that selfless person proud for what the action does for them. They should, instead, be proud of what the action did for the one they aided. Though, to be proud for who one is, involves no action that is selfless. ‘No action’ relates always to the selfish one. It is purely the selfish pride, where the one of a Narcissistic mindset will admire their reflection, because they did not humble themselves in seeing anyone else’s eyes.

See the eyes of another, witness their pain, form that connection, and learn through that nobility that the only thing worth giving is your heart. Anyone would discover that they cannot lose all the love they ever give away, for such a wealth is limitless.”

– Anonymous