Poem – “You’re at Least a Human to Me” – Romance – 5/28/2020

Wake up, and breathe
Vessels for their blood
For there is one through your nostril,
Five for one hand,
Five for one foot,
Though you cling to life by a hand against the air,
A foot upon a wall,
As you breathe in the stench of the rushing iron
While the train moves you
To the other end of the Earth.

You're at least a human to me,
A beating heart,
Pumping blood,
Washed flood
That soothes your eyes, instead of tears.

We are bonded,
From human to human,
For what matters
Is the life spawned into creation,
As I will not let it fall from where it rose.

I cling to the other hand,
Match my foot against your free one.
We are not the same size,
Though weep the same cries.

You stare at the sky,
While I kiss your quivering cheek
Blossoming so meek
With breathless relief.