Excerpt – “A Fine Line for Justice” – Chapter One – “The Danger of Blurring Lines” – 6/1/2020

A common human way with our Nature, is to believe one should have a choice in the matter, to possess freedom for what one can do. Though, in the creation of choice within a social realm, there is never a chance to do what is correct, for a world.

Another common human way with our Nature is to say that what one can choose does not have to be told from someone else’s command or order. As this will be useful, in terms of use, for everything in terms of such, is only ever beneficial for the self. Between Justice and Vengeance, a human must make effort to withhold themselves from human desire, being that of the side of Vengeance. A person with a mindset made for lust, will never uphold the will to believe in Justice, though will fall upon the side of Vengeance, as this is inevitable. A person who blurs lines, finds use in what they can do for the self, will not, as it should be stated over again, ever uphold or give effort to the honor of Justice. That is, they will never be external, nor gifting, in what they do to uphold meaning. They will, instead, fall on the side of personal gain and desire.

All such means is that a person of personal desire, had never maintained an effort to be beyond that. Such a person, who believes in personal desire, had thought of their way as unique and different from another. It is to be proven, in these words, that to be “diverse” only means to be divided, and numerous in these choices.

It is to mean that a person who desires a choice for their lives, will never do what is right for someone else. Continuous promotion of choice involves continuous promotion of the self. It is a psychological influence, to guarantee the freedom of a choice, when a choice cannot help but to be the thing that rejects another’s advice. For there are those who desire their own voice, their own skin, their own identification. In doing this in continuous repetition, we forget another’s voice, another’s skin, and believe we cannot possibly identify with someone else. As it has already been stated, the source of division is this, in the promotion of a diverse world.

Why can we not say we are alike someone else, that we have the same voice, the same beginning and the same ending? It is because we want a choice, that such commonalities are neglected.

To have a choice means to be freedom, to embrace the self wherever only the self yearns to be.

Though, in the matter of lines being blurred, especially between the zones of Justice and Vengeance, we are, as instinctual enough as desirous, more-so inclined to fall upon the latter. We desire, as humans, though through effort, we are meant to reject what we want, in favor of what another person needs. What we create of any social realm, that falls along the definition of convenience, will have a populace motioning towards that convenience, that ease, never desiring to work for a need.

For to provide for someone else, be that the family of a worker, makes a person have no choice in a matter. In having no choice, one does the right thing by believing more in the need to preserve, over the desire to have something solely for the self.

In the want to have something solely for the self, one destroys all that is around, since their desires have been born on the willingness to take part in negligence. To neglect, means to never raise. To never raise, and to be on the side of destruction, versus preservation, a person will inevitably deconstruct, versus construct. What such a population will live upon, will thrive upon, is their own dirt and sweat. They will be emitting the same oils from the pores in their flesh, without the work.

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