Book Concept – “A Fine Line for Justice” – Based on the Idiocy within the Freedom to make a Decision – 6/1/2020

Within limited choice, there is limited power. There is limited potential, and there is less arrogance. There is less people to believe that destruction is the way to go for preservation of another individual. Such means that not division of origin, being of skin color, ethic background, religion, social status, etc. would be preservation, as much as it is on the side of destruction, provable by its division. When a person upholds motives of preservation, their ideals have stuck themselves on selfless endeavor. They uphold honor and justice, in its objective sense.

When bringing people to believe that “all things are subjective”, what will occur is the dissection and insecurity on what is the objectively correct move. For to be right in doing something only means to never have had a choice in doing it.

When we love another, we don’t hesitate, nor do we consider, the correct move to make. We will only be as those we’ve said do not pay attention, when we take time to consider. In essence, we’ve been blind to trouble, to the knowledge of what to do. Base a society around choice, and continuous consideration is the method of pure doubt by a person.

Choice, or to make a decision, involves consideration. Though, all it amounts to, is what will benefit the self. What comes from this, if made as a purified lifestyle within a social realm, is the negligence of preservation of another, and more of the destruction of others. We will cling to a word that is “empowerment”, never the word that the emotion of love holds to be dear, being “eternity”.

To show someone the world of your own, not merely hiding yourself, would be like nowadays Walmart showing Target its world, its secrets, its motives, its designs, and much would be compromised. Competition yields fewer results, over collaboration.

To be objective, in this world, is to retain the structure of a whole. To be subjective, in this world, is to dissect the whole, so a multitude comes from an entirety.

One cannot look at “justice” in this world, and believe one has their own view on it, their own interpretation of it, their own opinion on it. If they do this, they will inevitably corrupt it into the definition of “vengeance”. Anything born out of subjective viewing makes a thing based around personal gain and desire, not for the benefit, or the preservation, of another individual.

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