Poem – “Without a Tear to Taste” – Romance – 6/2/2020

Overcome me
By the flood, of your current
Emotions that do not cease.
I am stilled, in my place
Beside the waterfall that merely shows my reflection,
Drifting apart from where I stand.
My love has nurtured me,
Fed me,
Healed me,
As where beauty can be seen,
There is none to be found.

I am stilled by the rain,
Frozen in place by my pain.
I am adored only in your realm,
Though when will you grant me your Hell?
I want tears to taste,
Not of my own.

I want to drown myself in your hair
That falls like a curtain
Over your shoulders and neck.
I wish to breathe the fragrance
Of a thousand miles of skin,
Milk-white in its translucence.
I breathe over thee,
The fantastical imagery
Of all that stings with shame in me,
Of all I taste in such cruel scenery.
Take me like the breath that enters the stone.

Fall through me
Your tears, so I can understand
The Hell I've reached has not been deep enough.

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