Poem – “My Wide, Wide Arms” – Romance – 6/2/2020

Our bliss,

Our entrance

Into secrets untold by the firelight,

Raining down your back

Are my words that do not fade

Like that of the sparks upon the rising tendrils

Of flame.

Let a burn capture the highlights

Upon your cheeks,

As the stare of your eyes

Allows radiance to grow greater than the sun

While it wallows in the shallows of any lake

In this deathly world.

Why not be embraced, in these wide arms

That seek to unfold you

Upon the rug of your choosing.

I believe,

With a face that smiles near as the Earth can curve

By your form that holds the same shapes,

That I can open you like a book

Of only two pages.

For I hold you in halves,

Wilted of all images I've come to see

Have made it past the bliss

Into the sundering skies

That receive all nearby cries.

You are as beautiful

As everything I've ever admired.

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