Philosophy – “A Thing about Racism…” – 6/8/2020

An immense focus on skin color, would not be a focus on a person’s characteristics or even their genetic traits.

What type of a person, in today’s world, is seen to focus on skin color? Is it the person who calls another person the racist, or perhaps it is the racist, themselves? It could be the former.

Considering that when it comes to sports, blacks are most noted for their physical superiority over other races. When it comes to muscular anatomy, blacks are hailed as superior. Call a black man drafted into the National Basketball Association an example of “racial profiling”, if one should like. When someone looks through his athletic profile at great feats in terms of agility and strength, they comprehend easily that it was the black man’s genetic qualities that made this more possible. Call such an example “racial profiling”, when a black athlete’s athletic profile is examined, in depth, to the point where it’s not even mentioned, though simply based on instinct, that their genetic traits are more advantageous.

Though, to those who are focused on skin color, in contrast from those who can see beyond it to perhaps the culture of a person, which of these two are here to see the worth in a person? Which of these two are here to see beyond skin color to the value of a person, shared from their origin?

The culture of a person to the race of a person, is merely the expression of an individual’s origin. That race, being the origin, is what is used to express diversity within the form of art.

When a group can focus on the racism of an individual, they neglect to simply think on the likely possibility that racism is not of them, and that it is more of a problem with the race’s culture. It is is here where we can see that skin color is more the focus for those who fight racism, than any person deemed to be racist.

A question comes up to ask, “Does a person, who can see past a race into either their culture or their genetic traits, ever lean back to focus on race, once more?” It can only happen when said movements show their greater focus on race, over the problems within that race’s culture. In such a time, every person is seen to be a danger to each other, though such an origin for these dangers are within the culture, being never the focus. For such a focus has been entirely diminished to the point where race is the prime sight.

It would a healthy thing for culture to simply battle itself in debate and discussion over ideas, being what pertains to actual diversity. Though, when diversity is seen more through the light of race, origin, or identity, it is there when the view upon culture is abandoned.

11 thoughts on “Philosophy – “A Thing about Racism…” – 6/8/2020”

    1. I’m looking at the world, these days…

      I see that one race believes about their own race the words, “We’re immune to being racist” when their kind kills the race that’s not being victimized.

      Believing one is not susceptible of certain traits, or believing one is immune to being the exact same way another person is… it’s almost how when the Colonists congregated in America, they said about the Indians that they were “simple savages” or that they were “incapable of showing human emotions”. Little did they know that they were just like those Indians, with the same savagery, though with only a different color to it.

      That’s the idea behind “skin color” among all manner of difference. In the focus on it, we believe ourselves “different” or “unique”. It’s the mere promotion of sheer arrogance, by believing a deception can outplay and outmaneuver a truth. That truth, being what is actually us, is being deceived by everyone’s “difference”, as that’s a word being used so very loosely.

      How is it that we throw around the words “change” and “evolution” so loosely, that we forget that nothing has really changed nor evolved. That, all we’ve really done is put on another fake personality to give us the illusion that something is better than 200 years, ago?

      As it is, the biggest arrogance of any human is in their desire to control everything. When we begin to control Nature, we never realize it, but we’re willingly placing the slave shackles back on our wrists and ankles, no matter what race, gender, religion we are.

      We are, whether we like it or not, slaves to other people’s differences, and just like them when we can take off the mask. Like any superhero in the comic books, they have weaknesses and are never indestructible. And, they are just like anyone else, behave as anyone else, when their mask is gone.


      1. It makes sense. But we can’t just cross our arms and say that it has always been like this and nothing will change. There must be a program to raise awareness. If that is impossible, at least there must be a way to inhibit violence and disgrace towards each others.

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      2. The best thing to do is not even talk about problems that don’t even matter. “Racism” is only ever an issue, when it becomes a discussion. Remember what I wrote in this post? That, “healthy discussion” leads to a healthy society where people express ideas and solutions to actual problems? Well… none of the talk about racism has been healthy, as far as I can tell.

        There’s a reason for that.

        It’s because when you discuss something, like skin color, religion, or any origin/identity to a person, you are forgetting what discussion is objectively meant to be about. Discussion is objectively meant to be about the ideas from an identity, whether those ideas are within tradition and culture, it is the expression from where one began. Now… begin to discuss race and identity, and you are beginning to discuss how people began, which is the origin behind all division. We were mere ignorant and blind infants, when we began in our lives. Therefore, discuss that, and you are discussing a topic that is saturated in ignorance and idiocy.

        All children are stupid, yet our today’s politicians will say the words, “Children are our future.” I’m guessing they are pertaining to ignorance being our future.

        Discuss something that is buried so deep in the past, that it is literally a source of darkness, and you have merely unearthed an evil upon our realm. These idiot Liberals wouldn’t understand what I am saying.

        Something that represents a past, an identity, is something that represents hatred and division. Bring that to light, and one has merely turned darkness into reality. Maybe this is the psychological reason why black people are seen as the “victims” here, and not any other race. I mean, why not Chinese people? Why not Hispanics?

        These thoughts of mine are abstract and metaphorical, though they should make sense.

        Therefore, stop talking about race and identity, and we have no more problems to do with that. Simply discuss new ideas, with that “newness” factor pertaining towards the future, not the past.


      3. Children are not stupid: bring toddlers from many races and cultures and they will all end up playing together. As they grow older they become stupid and blinded by ideological issues.

        I agree with you that this debate is a minefield. And maybe we should stop talking about it, taking into consideration respect of others

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      4. By “stupid”, I meant in terms of their endless curiosity. Like that person who doesn’t know what they’re doing, though ends up doing it, anyway. Children have a stubborn Nature, that compels them to say, “But I don’t wanna!” at times, and that lands them into trouble when they’re not disciplined enough to stand down.

        Ever hear of the saying, “Once the man, twice the child”? It refers to how a person could not ever mature past a very feeble and idiotic age, and are now acting just as blatantly obstinate as any child, not wanting to listen.

        Discipline is needed for a child, and if a child doesn’t want to listen, being rebellious as they sometimes are, then all the more reason to ground needed lessons into them. A child is expected to act as they are. An adult is meant to act like an adult. We say to an adult, “Act like one”, because we know they should be far from being some pathetic toddler, still holding onto their diapers.

        Children also do not know wisdom, something that even someone of immense curiosity, who is considered smart and is an adult, lacks. When a scientist wants to “discover” how something works, performs an experiment, though ends up killing half of a town’s population, then I’d automatically say this scientist lacked any wisdom and was stupid in what they did.


    2. Apologies.

      I left a smidgen of my own ignorance in that last comment, calling Chinese people a “race”. It is Asians that are the race. Jesus… I guess today’s stupidity is beginning to rub off on me.

      As for what group or program to “raise awareness”… there are plenty of those.

      I have at least 15 dissertations I am writing up, with 1 completed, and 2 more to write up in the next 2 months. My thoughts, as I said, are metaphorical and abstract, because I look at things from the psychological level.

      Universal truths… metaphysics… the subconscious… these areas I explore in the majority of my philosophical work, can relate a transgender to the Egyptian belief in immortality. I can relate science, at its core, to idols and statues worshiped by sects and cults. One look from my eyes at the Bible, and I don’t see the supposed “bullshit” that an Atheist sees. I see today’s world, predicted when it was written in biblical lore, thousands of years ago. I see love as the most logical non-existence, that science seemingly ignores, despite how it says it sides with logic.

      The abstract… the universal… the expansive… these are the things I explore, and yes, it has contributed to my ongoing mental illnesses and makes me fatigued whenever I look too deeply on the days when inspiration sparks.


      1. Written in all holy books, however violence can’t be a justified action. And if after many centuries and all evolutions we still act like barbarians, it means states and educational systems missed on raising humans but they raised blind robots

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      2. Violence is necessary, especially when a moron leads the way to a “better world”. Sometimes, assassination is the best course of action, especially when back in the day, it was used as a cheap way to prevent all-out war.

        I mean, how did David Rockefeller live to be in his 100’s, and not get one single bullet through the brain? That, right there, is a legitimate disgrace.

        How does George Soros live to be in his dirt-old age of 89, and never receive a visit from the angel of death?

        Yet, we do seem to kill those who want peace in this world. People who are always assassinated seem to be those who have no want for war and conflict. People like John Lennon, Malcolm Evers, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Jesus Christ…

        These people were killed for their beliefs in peace and equality. Actual beliefs in peace and equality, they had, and they were killed for it. How does such a thing happen for these people, though never for the evilest sorts?

        Is it that truth is a threat to evil people? Or… perhaps the saying, “The good always die too early” has something to do with this?


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