Philosophy – “A Thing about Racism…” – 6/8/2020

An immense focus on skin color, would not be a focus on a person’s characteristics or even their genetic traits.

What type of a person, in today’s world, is seen to focus on skin color? Is it the person who calls another person the racist, or perhaps it is the racist, themselves? It could be the former.

Considering that when it comes to sports, blacks are most noted for their physical superiority over other races. When it comes to muscular anatomy, blacks are hailed as superior. Call a black man drafted into the National Basketball Association an example of “racial profiling”, if one should like. When someone looks through his athletic profile at great feats in terms of agility and strength, they comprehend easily that it was the black man’s genetic qualities that made this more possible. Call such an example “racial profiling”, when a black athlete’s athletic profile is examined, in depth, to the point where it’s not even mentioned, though simply based on instinct, that their genetic traits are more advantageous.

Though, to those who are focused on skin color, in contrast from those who can see beyond it to perhaps the culture of a person, which of these two are here to see the worth in a person? Which of these two are here to see beyond skin color to the value of a person, shared from their origin?

The culture of a person to the race of a person, is merely the expression of an individual’s origin. That race, being the origin, is what is used to express diversity within the form of art.

When a group can focus on the racism of an individual, they neglect to simply think on the likely possibility that racism is not of them, and that it is more of a problem with the race’s culture. It is is here where we can see that skin color is more the focus for those who fight racism, than any person deemed to be racist.

A question comes up to ask, “Does a person, who can see past a race into either their culture or their genetic traits, ever lean back to focus on race, once more?” It can only happen when said movements show their greater focus on race, over the problems within that race’s culture. In such a time, every person is seen to be a danger to each other, though such an origin for these dangers are within the culture, being never the focus. For such a focus has been entirely diminished to the point where race is the prime sight.

It would a healthy thing for culture to simply battle itself in debate and discussion over ideas, being what pertains to actual diversity. Though, when diversity is seen more through the light of race, origin, or identity, it is there when the view upon culture is abandoned.