Philosophy – “Why Anger becomes the Reaction to Prejudice” – 12/24/2020

“To tell one race that they’re the only sufferer from prejudice, is always equivalent to saying upon someone that they should feel alone in their suffering.”

– Modern Romanticism

How would anger not be the trigger to an immense feeling of loneliness, especially one so encouraged, upon a specific race? Is not the cure to prejudice to not feel the anger, though to weep against the shoulder of one so understanding?

Anger is the feeling that rises from loneliness. It strikes out against the world. People are angry not because of prejudice, though because of the loneliness that suffering brings when it is not unified. Anger is felt upon realizing one can only understand their own suffering, when it is not the case. Rage poisons the individual, as such a person will not, in their loneliness, release their pain through a cleansing session of weeping.

How cruel can some idiotic celebrity, politician, or activist be to say upon a race that they are the only target to prejudice? Why not then be the ones to say upon a widow that she should suffer in the dark? Why not say to a despondent and alone orphan that no one should help them? If such is the mindset we obey, then we are lost.

Philosophy – “A Thing about Racism…” – 6/8/2020

An immense focus on skin color, would not be a focus on a person’s characteristics or even their genetic traits.

What type of a person, in today’s world, is seen to focus on skin color? Is it the person who calls another person the racist, or perhaps it is the racist, themselves? It could be the former.

Considering that when it comes to sports, blacks are most noted for their physical superiority over other races. When it comes to muscular anatomy, blacks are hailed as superior. Call a black man drafted into the National Basketball Association an example of “racial profiling”, if one should like. When someone looks through his athletic profile at great feats in terms of agility and strength, they comprehend easily that it was the black man’s genetic qualities that made this more possible. Call such an example “racial profiling”, when a black athlete’s athletic profile is examined, in depth, to the point where it’s not even mentioned, though simply based on instinct, that their genetic traits are more advantageous.

Though, to those who are focused on skin color, in contrast from those who can see beyond it to perhaps the culture of a person, which of these two are here to see the worth in a person? Which of these two are here to see beyond skin color to the value of a person, shared from their origin?

The culture of a person to the race of a person, is merely the expression of an individual’s origin. That race, being the origin, is what is used to express diversity within the form of art.

When a group can focus on the racism of an individual, they neglect to simply think on the likely possibility that racism is not of them, and that it is more of a problem with the race’s culture. It is is here where we can see that skin color is more the focus for those who fight racism, than any person deemed to be racist.

A question comes up to ask, “Does a person, who can see past a race into either their culture or their genetic traits, ever lean back to focus on race, once more?” It can only happen when said movements show their greater focus on race, over the problems within that race’s culture. In such a time, every person is seen to be a danger to each other, though such an origin for these dangers are within the culture, being never the focus. For such a focus has been entirely diminished to the point where race is the prime sight.

It would a healthy thing for culture to simply battle itself in debate and discussion over ideas, being what pertains to actual diversity. Though, when diversity is seen more through the light of race, origin, or identity, it is there when the view upon culture is abandoned.

Philosophy – “In the Mass Production of Minorities” – 6/7/2020

By what it refers to, the mass production of minorities, the creation of identities, is less of a focus on truth, and more of a focus on deception. By what this means, we are showing less of a focus on life and expression, and more of a focus on division. Such means, that through a focus on division, we are focusing on our identity or appearance, in our want to have it stand out more than another’s. We are not in the want to know someone else, through this upholding of our own self-worth.

In having less of a focus on expression, and more of a focus on identification or origin, we focus less on creating what can stem from an origin, and more on the creation of identities.

The mass production of people with their identities, is never going to be defined as the quality to which comes from an origin. An origin, being made up of traditions and values, cannot be mass produced without lessening the value within those traditions, and thus, stifling the quality into the mere quantity of them. To say that each person upon Earth holds their own origin, is merely negating the fact that every life to a person begins with pain, with struggle. For to live, means to have beaten the anguish and despair that held one back from life.

The mass production of minorities is merely the mass production of identities, of the pain that sources division by what “division” references. That is, division references a lack of comprehension upon how another person began. We believe we are unique, compared to them, or in contrast to them. Don’t we all have the same beginnings, like having the same endings? Is any person not simply born, or is any person not simply dead?

There is no uniqueness to a person’s identity or origin, as much as there’s always a uniqueness to a person’s expression from that origin. Such means, that there is a uniqueness to the expressiveness within life.

One cannot comprehend another without that expression, that would be related to an art form. Thus, without such comprehension, and with so much of a focus on identification, there is division.

Poem – “The Unforgiving Rope” – Romance – 8/22/2019

Dragged at my feet,
Is the unforgiving rope.
Binding me, and blinding me,
Because I cannot stand,
And so I need aid,
To be able to see,
All that I have corrupted for me,
Beyond the grief from the sea.

You would deny me all?
Reach into me, to see sweetness,
And then know bitterness?
I have a heart that has stopped,
I reach my hands to the sky
So that I may pull you down.
I only wish to unite,
With one weeping angel.

A rope at my feet,
And one at my neck.
A knife at my ribs,
And one that shreds my heart.
Deny me the gift,
To see the passion of a man,
Who shall lock lips,
With one angel of sentiment.

There are memories still too deep,
To unearth from stones atop,
Where they’ve been buried.
I bury to forget,
I have buried your body.
I look up to see,
What may be peering down,
Upon my swollen eyes.

Upon the cross, I am nude,
A wailing man, and so crude.

A Debunk – “Into Democracy and Choice” – 8/20/2019

“Does the common fool not comprehend what the ‘freedom to choose’ does to corrupt a society? That is to say that people are more prone to choosing the most comfortable of choices. That is to say that each of these choices are based solely on trust, for those things most comfortable. That is to say that the ‘freedom to choose’ is the sole cause for why ideas, in recent times, have become stagnant, that leadership is only trusted for comfort, and never for newness. That is to finally say that advantage is easily exploited, for Democracy to ever have power. The ‘freedom to choose’ makes the human without wisdom, not typically having true wisdom to comprehend choices related to intellectualism, over choices related to idiocy. This is because the human brain is more-so inclined to make a choice based on comfort, over risk, and there is no other reason.”