Poem – “To Live in your Eyes” – Romance – 6/7/2020

Salient, and unseen
Has been the portrait, that captures your complexion
Among each crevice, to fall into
To the deepness, of your flesh,
Among its depth, in knowing what had passed
Being the time, that remained frozen.

All had passed
Was my hands, to pull free, the veil
To see twin suns, pointing their lighthouse rays
Upon my startled expression.

I am,
As you are
The firmament, beneath the Heavens,
As I step through corridors, to feel the furnace's heat,
Stepping through shadows, in your delicate frame
That surrounds, your ever-feebler mind.

You are,
As I am
Trapped in the land, that does not quake,
Nor starves, all inhabitants.
Time lays still
Upon the movement, of your gaze.

I am stilled,
By the motions, of waves, that were not ever caught
By the winds, that carry scents.

Your beauty, is an abductor
That time, cannot wield with hands, for an hour and a minute.
As merely the adoration, of all, who can be stilled
To peer into desolation, as though the sun, had set
To burn, all around.

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