Philosophy – “The Truth ‘Behind’ a Person’s Difference” – 6/11/2020

“Were each human to comprehend what is behind themselves, as not the difference, nor the mask, nor the uniqueness, they’d be able to see something to truly share. To share that, would be a step in the direction of human trust, human likeness, human compassion and empathy.”

– Anonymous

All races, all colors, all differences between people are merely the masks that we say make us unique. Yet, that “uniqueness” covers up something far better. It is the real identity that we can express in the form of art and beautiful humanity. What is behind the mask, behind the color, behind the difference, is something we all can relate to. For that is the same as the superhero or even the super-villain within the comic books, who when he or she has their mask removed, behave the same as anyone else. What is our identity? Is it our mask, the difference to conceal the way we behave like anyone else? Or, is it the way we behave like anyone else, the identity that co-exists with anyone else’s identity?

All humans are alike, behind the mask, for we are not heroes when we do this for ourselves. A hero has nothing to hide, during their acts of heroism. But, when we call ourselves heroes for what we do for ourselves, in the belief that our “true selves” have come forth, we have merely suppressed who we actually are. By that notion, we have suppressed our actual identity that relates to others of the same. We have merely called forth a mask, and now say it is our uniqueness in wearing it. Is it in our power to deceive, or is it in our power to reveal truth?

A deception hides the truth. All of humanity is buried beneath a person’s Hell. Every shadow is cast from a light. No difference upon Earth holds truth, at its surface of where that mask has been placed. We each have faces, recognizable and familiar to each person who doesn’t divide based on difference or uniqueness.

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