Poem – “Just the Pain Talking” – Romance – 6/11/2020

You see me as the man

Who wields tears upon the ends of forks,

I can consume.

I do not wish this

To be a firefight, between two sets of eyes,

Two sources for cries,

Two places to burn, two places to scorn

Ourselves to the faces of the moon.

I want to love

All I hadn't loved, that existed elsewhere

Beyond the range of my pain.

I flung soil upon your flesh

To bury you beneath something

You were not ready for.

What death can replace a beating heart?

What life can replace a stolen heart?

I want to love what I ignored,

All I neglected

Of two stones, as two eyes,

Two marbles as two lies

I crafted from my bleeding palms.

They were squeezed of remaining dew droplets

Brought from a morning's wings,

Being now wrung in infinite sting.

I will love all I could not love,

Of you, to not sink

In your loneliness.

My dear,

It was only the pain ever talking.

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