Poem – “A Face as Pretty as Dust” – Romance – 6/14/2020

How sad
You walk,
How frail
You talk,
Among the slopes that descend your stare,
Among the clouds above your head
Where falls your hair
To be seen for its sheen,
Within the area of your limitless bosom.

A heart that calls to a start
Of betterment that lasts for moments more
Than ever you did adore
The future, with its sailing ships
That motion away from you,
Away from your dancing hips
That motion upon the graves of those defeated,
For you keep a smile that does not part like your heart.

What leaves you,
Besides the everything that entraps you?
You merge yourself with the fires,
Leaving shame behind, in our desire.

I speak to say
That the world can be this way.
You hold the universe in your arms
As the mere sun,
The mere star, to a calling heart
For the darkness is your master.