Poem – “As I wake” – Romance – 6/14/2020

As I lift myself
To the scorning sun,
Leaving the dirt to mold itself
The hollow raindrops of an unborn storm
That fell the words out of God's mouth.
He saw you
Where you were buried
On an evening of a moonlit shore.
For I remember
Tears running away from me,
Words whispered on fractured arms
That held nothing but the broken stems
Of dead hearts, as unborn flowers.

I bleed
All that I cannot sow
From rotten seeds,
From rawest beginnings.
You were the love
Born of a star, as I was left with a scar
Upon these broken arms, that leave a trail,
Dragging behind me.

Why for God, I am the worshiper?
Why for love, I am the enveloper
Of a million more mornings
Without your scent, for where you went
Has been somewhere deeper,
Out of reach,
On that beach, where the sand is kissed by the coming waves,
Rocking love like the Earthquakes, to take me away.

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