Poem – “Love Leaves Fragrance” – Romance – 6/16/2020

Drop those petals,
Leaving me to count them,
Loosened from your eyes,
Loosened from your cries,
Extended by your sighs
In a breeze as sweet as the seed
That grows the next bud for your love
That you will let wilt
To leave the next trail.

How has love been, to you?
How has life left your heart,
Little one?

You are the martyr without the cross,
Left to rot, without your nails
That could pin your heart down upon the loss.

What do the birds sing for,
If not to seat themselves upon the eggs?
Their beginnings,
Their reaping
Of new rewards
Is as you,
Is like you,
The little robin upon the rooftop,
The smallest queen, with the crowned top.

You raise your scepter,
You wield it well, to the next pledge,
To say you won't ever edge
Your weeping to the next funeral
In its place, of its choosing.

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