Creation & Causation: A Simple Comprehension of what is Deemed for Protection, versus what is Destroyed – 6/23/2020

For what we love in the world, it was not caused. Destruction is caused, because destruction cannot be created. We do not breed what we wish to dismantle, because we have created it. We have created what we protect, because a creation demands protection. A creation demands protection, unless we have involved causation. For causation is the idea of destroying what has been created, being life. Life is created, of art, of anything with a beating heart. Life moves, so therefore, art is life as life is art.

The only way a life can be interpreted, is through causation. Dissection, that is, which makes life hold meaning only in the protection and preservation of it. Creation, to then create another time, is to repeat the cycle of life.

All life must end, though it is not to mean that life is made to be destroyed. It is, rather, made to be protected. Life, being created, or art that has also been created, must be protected. Do those who disagree side with the idea that their own children must be raped, damaged of innocence, and then killed? They’d have to believe in that, if they do not believe that creation demands protection, while causation is the causing of destruction.

Love creates. Lust burns the creation, in the forging of it, to be solid, physical matter. Though, love remains to overlap the lust, by us knowing that by loving life, it is never mass produced.

All of life, and all of art, must be qualitative, not quantitative. We do not create numbers. We cause numbers, in the divisions from the whole.

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