Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Artist’s Vision of Reality” – 8/12/2019

August 12, 2019

“The artist has a singular vision of reality. Such a vision provokes reality to move. Although, the artist has a liking to pick up reality to perhaps drag it. As well, the artist has a liking to make reality writhe in pain, or echo some cry of thrill. Nothing prevents the artist from showing movement.

And for what purpose does this movement conceive its own definition? That definition is the purpose of evil. Art is not evil. It is merely an interpretation of life. Of all what stays inside life, it is the birth of potential. Had Hitler’s mother known of what evil she’d birth? Had Caesar’s mother known of what power she held in her womb?

Art does not convey love. It conveys truth. It conveys the reality made into truth. For reality is nothing more than a stagnant image, and perhaps the blank canvas, before the artist makes life from it. It is the empty womb, the darkened hallway, before there is a child nestled within, or torches lit upon the walls.

Love is a stagnation. Death is a stagnation. And the artist does not convey these things, for these things do not display movement. We are contented in these two things. We want for no more, when either in love or dead, or close to death. For love, we willingly submit. For death, we are forced to submit. And for both, life has no hold upon us.

What is life? It has been said to hold the definition of ‘worth’ or ‘value’ and such things are only ever measured through age. The ‘existence of time’ becomes an existence, when we are able to see life for its truth.

When we speak of evil, we speak of that life, and its discontinuance. We speak of the constant discontent. For a human can only ever be contented when willingly content, or when in love, or when forced to be content, or when near death.

Truth is a middling. Love is a higher. Death is a lower.

We, as humans, are always middling, no matter our ambitions.

It is because when love interferes with the dictator, he is no longer a dictator. He soon renounces his ambitions, and settles in with a wife, while people still pound on his door to murder him.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Beauty made Objective” – 7/21/2019

July 21, 2019

“What to notice about love is that it does have its set of symptoms. The signs of one ‘in love’ are all too noticeable, through the loving, by recognition of beauty. The clammy hands, the pounding heart, and a rush of adrenaline; and we tend to confuse these symptoms with fear. What we should also notice is what lays directly opposite from the emotion of love, and that is, death. Death is full of fear. Is love full of fear, or excitement? It should be the latter, for we’d know that the psychopath would feel excitement for death’s sight and sounds. The old composers knew well, same with the sculptors and artists, alike, that when beauty is lifted, it is ‘beyond reach’; as this is to say that such beauty has been called away by angels; as this is to say that those old composers who made everything classical, by the sound of the opera, were there to recreate such sounds of angels. The sight of the Renaissance painting was there to recreate such ‘symptoms of love’ by the chills, the sweating, the pounding heart; and never the mere shock, and total shock, and purified shock, that comes at an instant, much like death.”