Quote – “The Issue of Pride” – Pt. 2 – 6/27/2020

“Being prideful in terms of one’s origin, is the same as being proud for pain. Being prideful for one’s origin, such as one’s homeland, one’s family or culture, one’s upbringing, is the same as believing oneself to be unique. How does this fit in with how humility should be for what a person is, while pride should be reserved for achievement?

Being proud for identification, is the same as being proud for being a child, or like a child. With no responsibilities, no duties, many people on that person’s side, wanting the world to stare up to you, is the exact notion of being known before one has even acted. Where has proof gone to? One should ask that, because proof is the act, while to be stagnant and lack responsibility means to be the child. A child is without major responsibility. A child is stubborn and obstinate, wanting their way. Therefore, a child compares to a person wanting to be proud, without achievement.

Keep pride to the doer, and humility to identification, and the world lacks all pitiful egotism.”

– Anonymous

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