Philosophy – “The Problem with Repeating the word ‘Stigma'” – 7/2/2020

Naturalism is something that should be more-so believed in, or even just known, over focus upon whatever prejudice is directed upon the natural gifts to yourself. A stigma, for whatever direction it points to, can be understood with one fact. That, the person with such a “stigma” has more prejudice upon themselves, than ever prejudice is directed upon them from external sources. One is most likely a hypocrite, if their statement to say that they are “more than” whatever the stigma states, though they are proving their relation to that stigma. An example is, if a man who does not weep often, does not show emotion, is said there to be a stigma for that. We should instead recognize that this man is saying “do not cry” to himself, more often than anyone else says those words to him.

Naturalism. For to say that we are influenced by our surroundings is to abandon control. We accept ourselves the slave, never the fighter, never with strength, when we can freely say that our surroundings are our masters. Naturalism is the comprehension of what we are, unable to be influenced by what we have created. It should, instead, be the opposite. That, what we create is what we influence, what we control.

We contribute, we take part in, and we walk over the same clay that we touch. We mold, we shape, we shift the balances from order to disorder, and back, again.

A stigma is no more than the perpetual belief that we are slaves, that what is around us must be the thing to change us. Does evolution work in that sense? We make ourselves lesser, as animals.

For evolution works in a human, by the environment staying the same, for there to be stability in every sense of the word. We will change according to those stable surroundings. Yet, stability can only be achieved, when we have control. It is to say that we should have control over our creations. For if a child of ours is causing harm to others, what did we do to prevent or control that?

Incompetence is served upon a cold plate. And yet, we consume it as though it is the warmest and most tasteful cuisine. Incompetence is the delivery of not being able to control a creation, whether that control be for leadership should not extend to another leader’s creation. We dominate over our own creations, and accept responsibility for our faults in terms of negligence or harm.

What does a leader gain, by controlling another nation’s creations, of its own society? Is it control for the sake of control? That is mere interference, and causes the opposite of order, being chaos.

Animals are controlled by their environment. Animals have masters. When one can look at a Vegan, now, they can say that to relate us to animals, is an injury.

It is that humans are inborn fighters, dominating and conquering. We accept ourselves as weak and tolerant, and an animal with a leash around our neck, when we accept that the environment changes us. For whoever created this system was advancing a subtle form of slavery.

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