Philosophy – “Why Erasing the Past is the Dumbest Idea” – 7/6/2020

“It is a human’s greatest denial, that their beginning cannot be the same as their ending.”

– Anonymous

An idiot Democrat will believe in creating a clean slate out of history. Their lack of comprehension is in that they fail to notice that history repeats itself, so cleanly. It moves through us, in that clarity. A repetition, so clean, that it is the only repetition somehow unnoticed, by that idiot Democrat. They have built mass production. Though, they fail to comprehend the repetition of history. They have built the corporate world, under Le Corbusier’s ideologies, in a forest of skyscrapers. Since old architects of Post-Modern design, such as that of Austria’s Otto Wagner, they have meant to build ugliness on top of objective beauty. This twisted ideology of “reconstruction” has made levels from a lacking foundation. It has really only ever involved ignorance.

Does the tree ever grow beneath the Earth? As in, if what we see clearly has roots, then those roots represent our past. If we cut the roots, then we are building something beneath ourselves. We are building ourselves directly towards Hell.

A purified lack of wisdom will see the past as needing to be erased. Yet, what idiot Democrat has ever possessed logic? Their lacking wisdom, not ever bound up in Zen, is their easily-displayed moronic attitudes. Those idiots will die beneath their own pitiful cravings, stamped as marks on their own belt. For they will perish by fate and Nature, itself.

A vision that loses sight of the past, loses sight of the future.

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