Book Inspiration/Collection of Quotes: – “A Tool from the Past” – In Relation to Today’s Time – 7/6/2020

“No human on Earth can erase regret, so long as a memory is stored in where it had been frozen. Bury it, deep, though it won’t be killed.”

– Modern Romanticism

“One would be right to say that the future will be the same as their past, when they keep in the mind that the future will be constructed by the same hands.”

– Modern Romanticism

“Love is the destination, the singular percentage, upon a road from a past covered in the murk of pain. We are dark, in our shadows. We are bright, when found on that road, when we can see the sun for its radiance, and the moon for its peace.”

– Modern Romanticism

“Burn the photographs. Deconstruct the walls. It will not relieve you of what we all are, at our core. Demons only ever burn, when they burn what they’ve created.”

– Modern Romanticism

“For each human is the flame, running along the river of their own life. They are the only spark carried to a destination. Though, the river had a beginning. It will be dried, if that beginning is gone.”

– Modern Romanticism

“We only weep, when we try to forget. In that state, we are reminded of our wounds.”

– Modern Romanticism

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