Quote – “The Leader who Forgets the Past” – 7/7/2020

“A vision that loses sight of the past, loses sight of the future. This is factual, in understanding the very human denial to believe that one’s ending, one’s failure, would not appear as painful as how one started. For whether that pain be the labor of a mother, or of a worker whose palms and fingers bleed in their effort to build, one never forgets the efforts of a duty. One protects what they built, with just as much effort as it had taken to build it, in the first place.

No leader can be a leader whose heart does not comprehend the mistakes of the past. For they place themselves on the likelihood of repeating what once occurred, and they will be surprised, much to everyone’s laughter.”

– Anonymous

3 thoughts on “Quote – “The Leader who Forgets the Past” – 7/7/2020

    1. Life is a river, is it not? If a country’s leadership works the same way, in that we are guided from a “beginning” to a “destination”, then it should be assumed that if the river’s origin is gone, then so is the river.

      It’s like cutting the line, cutting the rope, breaking the ladder… now the river cannot take anyone anywhere.

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