932nd Poem – “Tear-Stained Hearts” – Romance – 7/7/2020

You enveloped me,
Roped me into years of bleeding,
Gave me nice words
To the next degree
Of splendid heat.
I felt your churning
Down in Earth's bowels.

Can you hold onto the kindness,
Or would you
Rather withdraw to the blindness?

The darkness suits you more,
More than the notes upon doors,
More than what is kept in store.

My love
Turned into rabbits,
Leading me into a hole,
Leading me to the rapture
That was never bright,
Though stole away my sight.

Love is the marble
Lost upon the floor,
Lost outside the door,
Rolling across empty roads
Upon a destination, to nowhere,
Towards a wall.

I feel you among the broken pictures,
Leaving me transfigured,
Leaving me
Like how they were burned,
Leaving me like how they turned
Into the next system.