940th Poem – “You are only as Beautiful” – Romance – 7/11/2020

Of elegance in serene landscapes
Atop your form in the expression
Of what grows,
There are lakes for gleams,
With eyes that never seem
To stare with much discomfort.

You are the ocean,
As I am the boat
That glides above you.
There is no storm to press me down,
To pressure you.
Your evenness,
Your calmness,
Your beauty
Is a wish for a majesty.

Let love embed your form
In the hollow earth,
As if you were made to belong
In the softness to your choosing.

I see eyes as wide as oceans, apart,
With a bare chest
Spread with orbs of flesh
Defused from the rest.
You are in love with a savior
Who offers you
The might upon the sight
Of his own.

I see tresses that round the scalp
To pour like lengthy waterfalls
High in sheen,
Low in color,
For they identity to the cold soil,
Yet warm in the glance.

I will lay you across
The world and all its light.
I will merge you
In my arms, heavy and wide,
For they’ve lacked
All beauty to hold,
To behold.

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