Quote – “If the Eyes are the Windows to the Soul” – 7/12/2020

“If the body is the guard to the vulnerable self, then it is the sight into the eyes that will see the mind. Lust, for the form. Love, for the mind. We are sane, in love, and insane, when we feel the love slipping. We desire control, yet we cannot douse the flames of defeat by throwing our bodies on top of them. We merely make ourselves more vulnerable to more defeat.

When we see the soul, we see beyond the flesh. When we see the flesh, then the flesh should be trusted. Straight to the soul, is through the eyes, travelling our gaze through the optic nerve in a capturing of memories.

Love is beyond the stone, beyond the shield, beyond the guard.

Love is always the whisper to the rock face, gentle, though enough to quake the structure to fall.”

– Modern Romanticism

One thought on “Quote – “If the Eyes are the Windows to the Soul” – 7/12/2020

  1. You are very right. I love this quote. But we as poets are dreamers so I wonder if such a love exists.
    Anyways, I believe it so. It exists , a lucky few are lucky enough to find it.

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