“A Slender Little Romance” – Poetry Book – Coming Soon…

Poem Titles:

Due for the Delicate Kiss

A Drawbridge to You

Love’s Wishbone

A Celebration of Love and Drunkenness

When Fires Shares its Words

Withdrawn and Withheld

To Brush a Tear Aside

Lust has an Open Image

My Eyes Show Tears

Alive, and Unwell

Candles Melting Against…

Blossomed Breast

Grant Him His Fortune

Love, by Sunrise

Beautiful with, Beautiful without

Love Holds the Stars Upright

Break Me Away

The Patterns in your Eyes

Holding you, in Arms

The Cracks within Me Smile

Sweet Maiden’s Breath


A Thrown Line into a River

Your Kiss Meant Everything

A Taste of Love

The Entrance of Love

Your Sweetest Flavor

A Bridge Between Hearts

The Lifted Veil

With your Eyes comes the World’s Tears

Like the Hell that had been Patient

Do not die, before my Farewell

Two Areas to Kiss

Too much Feeling to Burn

The Olden Love

To Dare Resist

Beneath My Light

A Genius of the Heart

Love Has Two Little Marks on your Neck

Too Many Tears upon Earth

A Poet’s Failure

With Everything Golden about You

The Red in our Eyes

A Dying Radiance

What a Bereavement in this Empty Place

Beauty Reflects in the Stillness

Why do you Cry?

Tell me who you Love

Hysterical, Now

Your Face Reminds me of Glass

Dress your Eyes with Morning Dew

Pain I can only write about

Do you Fight for Love?


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