957th Poem – “Her World Cried on my Shoulder” – Romance – 7/16/2020

Desperate to bleed
The same unity of purity.
Her eyes
Form the same blue as my skies.
I needed only
To grow anew
A love I had nested in my heart
Naked, and never wanting to start
On the same journey.

My fingers,
They trembled in the loneliness.
My grief
Has new meaning to bleed.
I seek the meaning to my desperation,
Staying myself on consolation
To my woes,
For her sorrows.

My love
With hair that runs like earth
Down slopes,
Holds a kiss out in a long hand.

I am to yearn
For what is meant to return
To cold arms
Now as warmth.

She shudders
As she sleeps.
I grow a kiss like a leaf
Atop her bare shoulders.