969th Poem – “Raging Waves in your Eyes” – Romance – 7/20/2020

How many of the Devil's
Needs to fit your ear
To hear
My verse?
Just scrawling
As my hands reach to dip the quill
Into a well full of blackness.

I pain myself
As a muse to your naked self.
Your glimpses
To my might.
Our fairytale,
This horrid fright.
There is love atop the ocean
Of the gleam, in your eyes.

Peel back your beauty
From where you hold your ashes,
Before you are dead.

Raging waves
Become the sounds of your eyes,
When thunder escapes from your open mouth,
Your released sighs.

I am where you find
Yourself to matter,
Beneath the call of distant thunder.

Wrap yourself around
The Hell I've envisioned,
A Devil's cradle is where you find a doll.