973rd Poem – “Life by Strangled Joy” – Romance – 7/20/2020

Hold up our halos,
While we must
Leak Heaven's light from streams of plight,
Gleams and screams
Born into another,
Wide with every open crack
Of a wound upon the flesh.

I could freeze space,
Let us lick our own taste
In blood, of iron
That streaks a tiresome roar
Upon its tracks.

Our life
Careens on sailing oceans
Upon bottomless boats.
Tears fall
In the holes of our floating heart.

We are burdened
By scars that never fade,
By history's time-warped machinations
That still remain around, today.
We leave our eyes wide open, to the setting sun.

Why have we
Felt agony?
Fires leak from our eyes,
Smoke exits from our lips,
To each heartbeat, we can skip
For the dancing mile
Where our feet perform the same feat.