978th Poem – “The Capturing of every Eternity” – Romance – 7/21/2020

Blue radiance,
The sky held up firmly
In your closing eyes.
You will shut yourself to what fogs the embers
That run off your throat, to the wind.
I lay a kiss against your hand
In hopes that you will stand
With your face pressed to the rising sun.

Decades meet centuries
In my timeless loneliness.
I aspire
To gather strands higher
Of your glistening hair
That dies like fallen curtains
Over all our acts.

Your skin,
Your radiance.
Your eyes,
Your decadence.
A feeble terror is now together
Upon the holiest of vows.

Let us lay ourselves
Over the meadows,
Beneath the arches
Folded over with moss,
The green of the Earth's mouth.

Let us count of our sighs,
Pressed to the fallen skies.
Our own Heaven leaks down
In droplets to our heated skin.

Why are we
So destined to be
The fittest cruelty?

Beauty owns everything.
It owns all,

And nothing more.