980th Poem – “Without you, I am Nothing” – Romance – 7/21/2020

I drop my weights
Like stepping stones,
For in vain, I believed, I could cross the river
Made of tears not meant to
Go on, forever.

Your blood
Runs in me.
I will never leak a thing from my heart.
All beauty to your face,
All sensation to this embrace.

I want to call you from Saturn,
To place its ring around your finger.

I want to drown myself in your mystery,
Leaving the ancients to write verses in our symmetry.

You are everything in me,
For me,
Of me,
The world picks us up,
Then leaves us dropped off
In the lakes,
Where I can kiss your eyes,
Breathe Heaven down your throat
Of palest, bluest waters.
Then, you will not ever thirst.

Your oceans are my smile,
Conjoined for the distant mile.
Your arms are made to wrap
The gift before it is opened.

I hold
All I could never scold
In arms as warm as the center
Of our hearts.