983rd Poem – “As Love Returns to Haunt” – Romance – 7/22/2020

Return to me
Sadness of my missing symmetry.
There is grief to expel
From rotting moments
Under fingers sharp as glass,
Piercing my neck
To send forth sighs without parted lips.

Your eyes round the table,
Warning me
Of the doom that surrounds the corners.
Love leaves a stain
For the nuptial gain.
My parted bliss
Comes back with a kiss.

My grief is here to be seen,
Intoxicating the moon in a howl,
Drowning the sun in its bowls.

My love held an open wound
In a hand,
For nailed to the cross, her mind continued to bleed.

All she touched
Was the push to an open door.
An awareness
Of life's shortened extremity
Of so much unneeded insecurity.

Bleed me wide open
Like your mind in its gaps.
Spray me with the salt of the sea
That I may scream and plead.
Let your wonder show off all edges
For pledges,
For deeds.