995th Poem – “The Kisses Bewilder Me” – Romance – 7/24/2020

Drown down the stream
Our woeful dreams.
You have set the fires
To raise up desire.
We have not
Been so close to warmth,
While we were sailing across
Something so blue.

Your hands,
My shoulders
On their ways, down two hemispheres,
For I cannot turn my direction
To kiss the corner.
There is simply too much to hold up.

I dream of necks frozen by ice,
I dream of lips that hold back the kiss.
I am in the nightmare
Of a love that was never opened
From the wrapping of two skeletal arms.
I am on my way
Towards the deeper end of dismay.

Can you sleep
Without trying to open your eyes
To see the sunrise?

My eyes have been burned black
As the coals to which I hold
Close in my skull, with head buried in my palms.

You are beautiful,
Or were
Upon a time
The world never mattered.