Poem – “I cannot Release You” – Romance – 7/29/2020

Through the sea's blushes
Of sunset cast upon the endless waves
Lets me through
To see you
Upon the ocean's top
As you are now held in coldness.
Why could I release you
Upon the time when suffering was remote,
When you were afloat
In the dream of loneliness
To the Earth-less stars?

Your lips,
Your smile,
Your cries,
Your fever
That ignites the moon to be the sun,
That dries the ocean beneath you,
As I cannot release you
Unto the spring of hardship.

We are made,
To be for the other.

Your tresses,
Bleak in auburn,
As I wish to kiss of each strand.

Your eyes,
Wilt, for tears to be felled,
As are not meant to be such.
I will kiss them apart
From your delicate face.

I dream of kingdoms
Upon the washed shore.

I dream of love
That does not ever die.