Poem – “A Great Marriage of Red” – Romance – 8/6/2020

I know now to
Seek my fondness
In her moment.
Her eyes,
Her skies,
Her dreams,
Her gleams.
Her brazen self
Bleeds the sun into the horizon.

She lifts
Her light above
The outstretched sea.
She curls her eyes
To set herself.

I am entranced
By coming days
Where I can pray,
Where I can dance,
Where I can open myself
To the memories.

Life is the open book.
She is its pages.
She is the growing thorn,
Becoming thinned
By a new form of burn.

Do I kiss the lips
That has red, not like the dead
Of funerals, to contrast this marriage,
Where only death shall ever empty us.

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