Under scarred landscapes
Of greatest heartbreaks,
I quiver,
As I shiver.
The love I left upon the dirt,
Grows with thorns, replacing hurt.
The dust that settles in the sky,
Was lifted from below, to sorrow’s goodbye.

I lose what I kept inside,
I give all I felt was mine
To the blue pieces of a Neptune shower
In oceans that leave me to cower.

I gravitate towards simple things,
Losing lakes to the worsened dreams.
The great definition of my fate
Is a place I keep, a plate I state
That no more shall come to grow
From the dirt, of veins to sow.

She lost battles by the triumph
Of my war-call in the dirt,
For I died without any hurt,
For I melted without any snow.

Coldness is my time to come,
Dreams are my world undone.
Love is my only relief,
I shall surely come to keep.

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