Poem – “Your Eyes Leak Heaven” – Romance – 8/9/2020


Gives birth

To new arrangements

Of bright lights.

Your kisses dance atop

My skin

In this velvet morning.

Dream with me

The newcomers

Who change their smiles

When they switch their miles.

We shall not

Interpret the world for its disaster,

Though for its revival,

When we walk along bloody shores,

Guaranteeing the Earth’s envy.

Heaven drains from your eyes,

Raising all sense of a farewell

To the one brick that had broken an empire

On the road, behind us.


  1. Lucy

    Such a beautiful and sensational piece. I feel like this is about looking through the perspective of love and not hatred of the world. It also seems to be about sharing a love together with a person as the couple moves forward on their journey together. They leave it all behind, including what has “broken the empire.” By moving on and leaving that road behind, they can begin to feel better about the past of what they’ve known. It’s actually pretty romantic! Beautiful, beautiful poem here. I always enjoy reading your work. It’s an absolute delight. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. romanticindeed

      This is one of those pieces that I came up with, without thinking about it. I wrote the title, first, and then I thought to myself, “Should this be a poem about a woman catching falling tears in a glass, or in her hand, or…?” I usually like to give my poems an “observational” essence from the male perspective to what a woman is doing. As in, admiration.

      Though, with this, I went for a “togetherness” theme.

      Your interpretation was spot on, as a fellow poet. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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