Poem – “Fairest, Beautiful Woman” – Romance – 8/18/2020

Travel about,
With me
To see the curves of the Earth.
You are the wedding with no vows
Needed to accompany us
On this stilled voyage.

I see clouds that radiate your skin
In the perspiration of searing highlights.
I see the world born upon your shoulders,
Adorned with the vastness of countless textures.
Beauty wanders,
Carrying petals in arms,
Stems to walk upon,
With love to every word.

Countless stanzas
Run from the poet’s hand.
The merging
Of two hearts, in togetherness.
The lovely,
The endearing,
The soulful,
The sundering.
The fairest, beautiful woman
To accompany the tenderness.

Drink up this wine
I hold,
Though I have sipped it first,
You shall taste it last.
You will have the droplets
I have siphoned for you to capture
In a mouth made for kisses,
By lips, red as blood.

The fowl nights,
Of tears, unending,
Turn to life so romantic,
So aromatic.