Poem – “Fragile Bridges” – Modern Romanticism – 2/15/2022

Sounds: alarm, or
the forest that burns
to a gentle wind,
a breath of your bygone age.

Stone, heavy,
though the winds will break it.
Release tears.

A rock.
Close connection
that brings grace to open space.
Were you never embraced?

My love, –

I see where you walked,
danced upon the ruins,
the wet ashes.

Trickling streams,
numbing melodies.
A heart, a sad little rhythm
that fades
with the ingredient of time.

A winter’s age,
one frozen, barren page
you lifted and turned.

You want me to remember you,
while I cannot undo you.

Poem – “I Hold you in Hope’s Shadow” – Love Poetry – 11/1/2021

How many pieces
Must I stitch together
To recreate you?
Making you,
Loving you
Buried more of my heart
Than I found it.

I love the dark
While the sparks
Are still disappearing.

To block the sun
Will result in your eyes setting,
No matter the moon is screaming.

What is fewest
To me, in this storm of rain
Are the droplets, the pieces of this
Aching pain.

What is newest
For you, beneath me upon cross
Is the blood, the revival of something
Never lost.

Your kiss
Would make Heaven shower,
Divine’s image to shatter,
Love’s perfection to fell towers
When all that does matter
Is to keep
Your hand in mine.

Poem – “I Hurt you” – Love Poetry – 10/16/2021

At times,
Loyalty bends itself
Too low,
To become earth.
Once above, now below
To be the maggot in the grains.
Your tears
Do not, cannot, water me.

I am among the garden
Needing cultivation from the devil,
For roses redder than his flame,
For love more immortal
Than eternal.

Knife in your heart,
As I hurt you.
A toast to your restless nights,
As I burn my throat.

A rope about your feet.
You placed it about your throat.
A kiss to your neck.
You considered me to drain you,
To rain you
With boiling tears
From a pot we both kept watching.

I loved.
Did I love?
You drowned.
Where did I walk?

All those tears
To create the ocean,
Both for cleansing and your death.

I hurt you,
Once loved.
I would bend my knees to plead
Were they not broken,
Were my regrets not diseasing me,
Wrapping me in wire
Untied to our connection.

Poem – “Tight-Roped Feelings” – Love Poetry – 10/16/2021

Cold kiss, of
Two drunks on the breath
To another,
With the same direction
Of a pain that stares upwards
To a sun that never sets,
Our scars.

For water, we walk
Saving ourselves, savoring the other
With blood, the wine.
Bread for a smile,
Kissed towards the bloodied mile.
Pain to dilate
The pupils
Into black holes that swallow
More shame, than pride.

A journey
Taken, with breath to dine
To the scent of rose, with wine,
Folding our flesh
With your dark hair
As the tight-rope to walk
Across to your heated heart.
You still love –

You still bleed
From a cradle we could not
Stop, of its movement,
Of its two sides
Rocking of both, swinging us
In the arms of the other.
We could not
Quit this love,
While the sun remains high.
A porcelain glow
To our nighttime, below.

Poem – “Holding Hands with a Ghost” – Love Poetry – 10/15/2021

Washed out,
Blue upon the naked horizon.
Walking with velvet in arms,
While kissing mere glints of orange.

A bright, warm touch
From something past in former daylight,
Walking beneath towers
Flying your banner,
Holding hands with your ghost
Being blue in its careening breath.

Holding tight
The world most left behind,
Left beneath tracks
From stampeding feet.

Your blue, somber boldness
With a killing warmth to the memories,
Cremated beneath leaves
From a cold Autumn.

We did love,
Leaking our hearts
As its trail for the other,
Sewing robes
To be our curtains over flesh.

I am in love
With the vapor to a ghost
Entering these lungs
That never kept loose
A single word.

Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Skies” – 20/50 – “Unforgettable, Regrettable” – 10/9/2021

Make me swear
To a false worship upon your idle sands.
Weeping to fill in the stars
Too few
In the reflections upon a nighttime
Ocean, stilled in motion.

Crying for the west,
While we raised our eyes to the east.
How long was the horizon?
What was the temperature
To our sensation, in the fire?
Bent wings,
With unchangeable expressions.
Outside the span,
To a nullifying numbness.

Reaching the fade
While waters rose with the somber moon.
Make me love,
Pressuring me down
Towards poison, where I will drown
Inside those kisses that set the crown.

Leave me wide,
Burn me close
From feathers that fell with no rain
To reach their descent, faster
Than the sun would set.

Memories with the book,
The torn photograph.
A summer raincoat
To shield the sadness off shoulders
Where a child’s face had laid.
One more word to utter the first time.

Poetry Series – “One to Listen for” – 16/25 – “You were All, for Nothing” – 10/9/2021

A lifetime ago
With as much, never enough time
To write the draft, differently.
Clocks stop
Only when your lips were smeared,
Only when the fire came most alive
In the salience
For twin shadows being monarchs,
Outside our tombs.

Someone died, long ago
With devotion staking his heart.
Blood rebelled,
Running against the pressure.
A lifetime ago
To rewrite the script
Said aloud, in the eclipse of a crowd.

Only when
Eyes can shut for the third time,
When glances can speak for the second-person,
Bleeding on in the same point of view
With loneliness, without stability
Keeping both props and flesh
Embracing and crashing.

Poetry Series – “One to Listen for” – 15/25 – “Abrupt Release” – 10/9/2021

Was it a brief spark
That lit the pathway
Far apart?
While our hearts burned on oil,
Becoming the plume,
The ashes we released from
Lips most kissed, beneath the blue.

With many unfurled sentences
That kept our eyes closed,
Focused on the scars where daylight
Is the evening through,
As morning walks upon the thinnest wire.

Once a beginning
To the sun being born, for our unshielded eyes.
At some lifetime,
An ending began more than we could bury.

Slip past
On the soil that surfaces the sand
With the ocean, aboard.
In love, while winter came soon enough
To cake our vows in white mud.

Was it a brief release,
An abrupt spark
To something that ended in rushing clarity?
Movement to a blur
On the road, heading to your lane
Where the quickest route becomes more narrow
Than our veins with missing blood.

Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Skies” – 19/50 – “Kisses for Sunsets” – 10/8/2021

Kisses for trains
Running through tracks, as you
Go through feeble times,
With infanthood in your head.
An egg had fallen
To be the still-born, to be the same weather-worn
Rock of smoothness beneath fading sunlight.
Near a river,
Once the statue carved from a boulder.
Now the pebble, becoming dust.

Ravens overhead,
Hearts that tremble from dread.
Kissing the sunset,
Same with your neutral expression
That folded into another day
For another world.

You gave life
To the smiles, for my witness
In my own mirror.

A part of me
Drains in your steady background,
Dancing on these endless sands.
Alone, in the music of silence.

Would I want the sun to rest?
If in danger, I would.
Would I want the love to end?
If memories can slip as the sand in hands,
I would.

Poem – “Autumn in the Skies” – 18/50 – “Open-Mouthed Dive” – 10/8/2021

Without subtracting.
With the gun to shoot in the direction
Of your vacant heart, in the dark.

The open field,
Where thunder struck to fuse two forms.
Two eyes to see
Beneath a tarp that holds up
The rain.
It cannot shield us.

We love,
We build,
Being deprived, next to
Our aching oceans.
While walking as Christ upon waves,
We are faithful, and forsaken
While blood
Covers our scars.

A bird lost,
Commitment as the written message
Carved upon burning lips.
A starving mouth,
A wide-open dive
Into the space the sun was dropped.

A sentiment cost
Us, with the roses undone of roots,
While we still held hands.

Poetry Series – “One to Listen for” – 14/25 – “No one Got this Far” – 10/8/2021

What love
Was a purchase, not a sale?
What life
Was not stolen, did not resist
Its abduction
To the imprisonment of a heart?

Whose footsteps
Were not covered by the snow?
When lovers walk backwards,
They were disguised.

Whose eyes
Were lifted to the sun?
That bright, blinding spot
That were like motherly arms
To the love that was a guess
To a future without fear.

This far
To the stars,
To the endless sunshine
Where a heart gave its start.
Some ray
From a singular presence.
Some eye
That entered the night.

With a love that never set
Without a moon taking its place.

With a given choice, to flee
From the furthest one can see.

No doubt,
No turnabout
From the sun’s missing presence
Nor from the decadent warmth.
An open wound,
An open heart
That doors cannot close.
Open eyes
To the miracle pressure,
Stopping the bleeding
Without binding the flesh.

Poetry Series – “One to Listen for” – 13/25 – “Finding you, Beneath” – 10/8/2021

Beneath the stones,
Hearts just are
The same stillness in the rush,
Among where empty voices
Are carted
In the night’s wind.

Funerals for
The deepest kiss,
While eyes are never watered
To raise a garden from the soul.
Eyes are discarded
To look upon
The silver vapor from faint breaths
In the mesmerizing winter.

Finding you,
Beneath the waters.
Living in the same state as you,
Beyond borderlines.
Beyond where eyes will close,
A kiss still comes close.

Winter designs itself
From furs that were luxury
Only while warmth was valid.
Hearts in
The rush, beneath the stones.
Funerals for
Our depth, our kiss.
Our bodies burn
With the sinful presence of the sun.

Our cups were emptied
From tears.
Our hearts had poured
With the sickness we had adored.
A love that collects on shorelines,
As the dust upon our eyes,
Within the waters where cold winters
Keep moving our rush,
Our summer fever
To keep staying.

Keep saying
Our love had been the rivers,
Frozen, yet flowing.