Poem – “I Wash Myself in You” – Romance – 8/25/2020

Blue runs satin
On velvet torsos,
As a sky finds hope
In rays from beneath,
In submission to her.
On knees, to plead
For beauty’s need
That the dirt of me
Can leave a rope to see
A trail that marks this world
A scene where love is hurled
Oceans to the place of meadows.

We are lost in forgotten towns,
Buried in rain,
Flooded by the tears of a pleasant memory
Where I lifted you from the fog,
As you dug your nails into my back
In sheer excitement.

Rain with me
Tears that will not dry.
Bleed on me
Colors of your memorable face.

Walk by my side,
Do not crumble

When the flavor of blue
Is a running sky,
Losing its sigh,
While we continue to grow ourselves.

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