Poem Collection – 1/10 – On “WHILE THE WORLD SHEDS ITS SKIN” – “Loving in the Fire” – Romance Poetry

Lids wide,
Lips pressed,
Mouth unleashing
The fogged sigh.
You are the last thing
For the world to wed.
Our flame is so small,
To their grieving eyes.
Their arms, burned
By the skin of sympathy.

Lips wide,
Lips guessed.
Lips thick
By the many to receive them,
By the clogs of vessels
Upon oceans of an undercurrent
That faces the smog
Of a burning torch.
Their anger sends white through the dark.

Whitest flame,
Darkest blame,
As chaos is the mere misfortune
Of a dying summer.

I want to live the wedding
Through you,
My gifted child,
My love.

You are a face of one nose
To breathe the callous droplets
Of a forest without loss,
Of a stream of blood without its cross.