Poem Collection – 3/10 – On “WHILE THE WORLD SHEDS ITS SKIN” – “Harbor your Grief” – Romance Poetry

Justice lingers in rooms
Too dark to see.
Love lays in the light,
Brightened by the moon.
The sun cannot ignite
What is unable to strive,
What is unable to move
In the movement of too many.

I grant my love,
Her finger,
Her small section of flesh
A mere vow.

Dishonor drenches
The moon, without its covers.
Who conceals the moon?
Who conceals sorrow?

Love plays with the lights of funerals,
Laughs upon the robe
To the corpse.

I dream
In undecided sceneries,
Of where to craft my temple.

The sun holds but a candle
In its empty arms.