Poem – “If You Should Ever Die” – Romance – 8/31/2020

What cliff
Shall send me overboard?
I am on this train
Set for no destination,
Except to your arms.
Shall that be the abyss’s bottom,
That is always endless?
Where shall I leave myself,
Should you ever die?

The great wash
Of your tears,
Set as sparkles against the sun,
Molds me as the man
Meant to lose his legs
Should you ever drop.
To protect means to neglect
In the arms that remain as covers.

My bliss,
Your kiss
Was meant to be endless.
A life is only ever valued
When it is lost.
To your loss,
To my remaining self,
I would be lost,
As not a life, nor a man.

Let the curls from your head
Swing overboard,
When the time comes.
Let their Autumn descension
Sweep the currents from your eyes,
To bleed surprise
Into the night’s sky.
I want to leave the life behind
That knows only suffering.

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