Philosophy – “A Critique on Gender Studies” – 9/2/2020

“If deception becomes believed in this society of ours, we’d only know a person by the mask upon their face. For beneath that mask, is the truth. The mask, itself, merely represents us covering the truth.”

– Modern Romanticism

Truth is a oneness. A wholeness. If we splinter the truth, we fragment a reflection. We are disordered, confused, and divided when the truth of ourselves is not anymore arranged and centered. When it has been split from being arranged and centered, it becomes perception. Perception of truth, is a lack of familiarity upon the truth. For as truth would be whole, then the interpretation or perception of it, will merely be ourselves holding a fragment of what has been seen.

The mother who recognizes and is familiar with her child, by their face, holds true to herself the wholeness of that truth. It requires not the time to analyze, so that truth is discerned, of what the mother recognizes. Were the mother needing to dissect what she sees of her child, to understand what she is meant to be familiar with, it would be the same as someone of a new gender, wishing to dissect themselves. In doing that, the person of a new gender has thrown something from within, onto the outer. For anything of dissection, would involve fragments, among the numerous pieces to construct a new shape.

For when a person is neither male nor female, they are the creation within the tale of Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein’s creation was made from different pieces of people. Fragments, that were put together, to form something so unfamiliar, so inevitably unaccepted to human eyes. For those human eyes would be familiar with something biologically natural. With the mother example, what is biological between mother and child, is what the mother sees of herself in the child.

Familiarity and recognition are innate factors to a human, that recognize the objectively natural aspects to natural creation. Anything artificial of creation, is objectively a monster to human eyes that cannot understand something, as a reference to wholeness, what has been created with fragments.

All of what a new gender is, is a deception to a human eyes that would inevitably recognize a whole truth. For truth is only ever fragmented, when it is perceived or interpreted.

For what mother would recognize a child who is not her child, biologically so? It must be that of those Transgenders who still experience depression, even after their acceptance, relate to an adopted child. An adopted child most certainly wonders about their biological parents, as their creators. An adopted child most certainly feels depressed, at a loss in their wonderment to their biological parents, even after being accepted by their foster mother and father. Who does the Transgender wonder is their creator, if they have created themselves? Where does the Transgender find acceptance, if they deny their creators have made their own objective biology? Depression is their eternal curse, because acceptance can never be of those who have interpreted themselves.

Just as the creation of Victor Frankenstein sought Vengeance against its creator, so do Transgenders seek Vengeance and death upon themselves. Thus, suicide.

In everything of a reflection, we are biologically familiar to what we see. If what we see is not familiar, it is a monster. If what we see is familiar, it is truth, and it is whole. Fragmented wholeness, becomes an interpreted or perceived truth. It becomes the broken mirror. It becomes the individual fragments that show individual faces of ourselves.

If a mother cannot recognize her own child, how can a human recognize a Transgender who is not biologically accepting of even themselves?

How can a human, like a mother, accept someone who is not of biological familiarity? In the same sense, how can a Transgender be accepted by those who do not recognize such “biological familiarity”, if this Transgender is not even accepting of their own biology?

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