Poem – “Allow our Love to Go” – Romance – 9/3/2020

Hold hands
Around the stems to the roses,
That you will grasp thorns
To bleed iron up to your nostrils.
Your growth
Is a fermented kind,
That moves to the blue behind the overcast.
You show mercy to newest daylight,
Telling the truth to children,
Leaving the wires about your heart,
In connection to disconnection.

I will show strands
Of my hair,
How they burn
Behind my own veil,
For the cowardice of a man
Is of no Devil,
As it is his truth.
I love
With wilting eulogies,
Haunted epitaphs,
Worms that curl more than my fingers.

Beneath myself,
There you reside
With finality to each posture
You exude
For the radiance of God,
For the imitation of an angel.
Your breath
Sends over me
A light for the cause of death,
For the death of me.
I engrain these stains within my veins.

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