Poem – “A Man’s Promise” – Romance – 9/2/2020

She said to me,
“Unfold yourself,
That you might shed tears
Upon this empty paper.
I want to read who I am,
Not what you are.”

I shed a drop,
I fled to safety,
To catch more
Upon the page
That never faded
The letters, into time.

Her death will sink a ship,
As I sink my heart
Straight through the cracks
Of a former love.
Where was once her,
Is now a void.

The haste,
The waste
To drive these drops to the empty page.
Her hands did tremble
In the soaking of her fingers

In bloodless shame.

I bleed an ocean for her to cross,
To swim,
From veins no longer mattering.
They are as cold
As the fires within the rain,
Not mattering.